Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meet me there.

Trust me, if you know me then you know I've fallen down and done my share of embarrassing things. Whether it was tumbling down a flight of stairs after taking the ACT, tripping over my own two feet walking to class or doing number of other embarrassing things.....I've done it! But I started thinking the other day.....maybe it's a "meet-cute." If you have seen The Holiday then you know what it is, if not here you go via Wikipedia:A meet-cute is a convention of screwball comedies and their heirs, the romantic comedies, the contrived encounter of two potential romantic partners in unusual or comic circumstances, a comic situation contrived by the filmmakers entirely in order to bring them together. During a "meet-cute", scriptwriters often create a humorous sense of awkwardness between the two potential partners by depicting an initial clash of personalities or beliefs, an embarrassing situation, or by introducing a comical misunderstanding or mistaken identity situation. Sometimes the term is used without a hyphen (a "meet cute"), or as a verb, as in "to meet-cute." Even without trying somehow I manage to do it {Groan!} Two guys ago into our first big date I fall down while walking down the sidewalk..and I do mean bust my booty, feet slipping out from under me, fall down....then thirty minutes later standing up my feet slip out from under me. The last guy I dated I could not stop falling down. I slid down the stairs leading to his house, not once but TWICE and took a tumble walking in Atlanta....and to top if off yesterday at lunch (with a friend) I could not drink out of my straw. The guy asked if I had ever seen Hitch.......and I was thinking Oh no.......!! The dimetapp scene! When Will Smith has a face swollen shut and is sipping, or rather attempting to sip, the medicine through a straw. Sadly I on the other hand was not drunk off medicine, I was drinking water....whatever you want to call or meet-badly I can't help but embarrass myself. All I can hope is that someone might find it endearing or at least laugh.....because I know I'll be laughing (if only at myself)!! ;)

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