Tuesday, April 27, 2010

City sleeker...

Fine. I admit it. I am in my mid late twenties and I have a handful of guilty pleasures, one of which involves copious amounts small doses of reality television, and yes it involves one single show on MTV (I know, quite embarrassing)...I attempted to watch The Hills but was left disgusted and bored with the tired script and plastic Speidi........moving on to 9:30 and The City....the glorious city. I certainly could care less about the arguments that arise between Olivia and others....but the clothes, the city, the whole thing. I am in love and cannot wait to see what is worn next week... basically the same reason I watched Sex and the City. Olivia and Whitney are the new SJPs.....does Olivia ever wear anything bad? While I disagree with her attitude I would give anything to raid her closet.
Wouldn't you?

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