Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Design delights...

Bear with me I have several design picks for the week day:
1. White out. Love the table complemented by the stark antler lamp.2. Simple white walls, leather chairs draped in sheep skins with a plush rug and a modern centre table.3. White leather modern couch, flokati rug and glass table. The entire house flows with a mix of lines.4. Taxidermy. Yep, I cannot make it through a design post without the mention of deer busts.5. Loving the zigzag floor with the contrasting graphic wall paper in the rear of the space.6. Moroccan inspired bed/couch and the art installation of flowers on the wall.6. Love the seating arrangement. Leather mixed with a plush couch. The grey cabinetry and the centre cushions covered in Wisteria-style covers.7. Loving the headboard and fur blanket at the base of the bed...not to mention that zebra pelt.8. Mix tape. First off, gray walls and the mix of a comfy Victorian couch with chairs for casual occasional dining.9. The classic Ruthie Sommers pose a la my fave Domino. Love the couch, sconce, mirror, dress....everything.10. Antlers over a fireplace, need I say more?11. Red, white and blue without it being July? Yes, please....if only for the fun of it (see the cut out?)....12. Live, love, laugh. Love the art.13. Antlers, white leather, exposed brick and an animal rug....I could not ask for more.14. Wonderful display of sunglasses...if only I had that many pairs. In my book I consider sunglasses a constant. Pick a look and stick with it. Know what works and they will be your trademark.15. Dark walls, pink and animal. Perfect combo.16. Love the collection of vintage ribbons in the bottom right hand corner.17. Crisp whites mixed with punch sorbet colors.18. Antler, animal, black and white...my go to choices.19. Cute idea for a girls room.20. Mapping out.....21. Outfit to room...gosh darn it, I heart yellow and black. Georgia tech.... 22. I love Christmas and love these cluttered creations.23. Love the white beachy look. It resembles Seaside and Alys Beach. The careful arrangement of stones with manicured grass between is a spectacular contrast.24. Loving the green accents and the kimono charcoal.25. The art print on the back wall vaguely resembles an Anthro copy by Hatchshow Print. Love.26. I adore the look of inside wants out. The windows open the room to the exterior, and the clean lines of the chairs compliment monochromatic nature of the floor....and guess what...the rug! 27. Love the horns. Enough said. Oh and this ones from the designers over at Tracery (good taste if I do say so myself)
Hopefully some of these looks inspired you...I'm out ;)

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