Monday, April 19, 2010

Click your heels...

......and say there's no place like home.....well there isn't and this morning as I stood sickly with a soar throat on the way out the door to work I realized I still had to submit a photo for Chuck's retirement. The request was to submit a photo of your feet somewhere....alas I forgot to take photos while in Bama so I was left snapping a quick shot of my footsies before work this morning. My initial reaction was to mound up a pile of shoes and take a picture, sadly that <===failed===> big time at about 6:45am this morning. I then resorted to something different. I wouldn't be caught dead without heels on, but as of late thanks to a numb foot (cause unknown) I have been wearing flats and mainly flippy floppies {Yeah, I'm on a boat} so I went with something less than expected and snapped a shot of my Chucks. Then I snazzed it up in Warhol fashion and submitted it for the retirement presentation. I hope no one copies me!

Oh to walk a thousand miles in someone's shoes.

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