Monday, April 26, 2010

Sense and sensability.

Thanks to a conversation and a quick sketch, my curiosity and skepticism of personality tests/profiles began once again. I had an in depth discussion on the quadrant-style personality tests. The four quadrants are amiable, analytical, expressive and driver. On the surface I thought there was a chance I might fall into the analytical category but overall in my gut I know that I am a mix. Sure there's a part of me that will analyze something to beat six bits but then there's the other part, the free/sporadic/art/hippie/ where would I fall in this one. I could already tell I was somewhat anaytical....thinking/perfectionist/hard on self. Amiable I was not. there's a possibility--Independent/determined...and there was a small chance I could be expressive having an imaginative side/showing ideas ...and I definitely do not have an analytical office. Check this link out and see where you fall (be sure to read the office descriptions--that's the fun tale tell sign)

The results are in and I fall somewhere between a driver and analytic.....

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