Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being framed....

Typically a very bad thing....I turned framing into enjoyment. If you do a little backtracking on my blog you will see the old layout of frames on my walls. Admittedly it was quite bland, and gosh darn it...a little juvenile. I had filled the frames with paper (sans mat and glass), sure it served its purpose but I needed more. Thanks to Gail (mom) who graciously collected frames for me over the past several months. On my quick trip home I collected six or seven (thankfully I drive an SUV). They had been sitting in the guest bedroom for over a week now but Sunday after taking down the moss I was bound and determined to redo the frames and start de-cluttering the room. Last night I pulled out my hammer, frame hooks and bar stool (makeshift ladder--mom, don't freak) and got to work.Did I plan the arrangement? No. Did I measure? No. Did I get out a level? No. Yep.....I am a hippie art child at heart. I adore the fluidity of arranging the frames and placing them in their respective locations. Just going with the flow so to speak....generally in life I hate going with the flow but with this I relax and let things naturally happen. It was definitely an anthro moment. I think of the joy the set designers must get when they finish an installation. Some people may call it clutter, but I call it art. This was my therapy for the evening. I was on such a tear I could not sleep until past midnight....I was thinking of all the possibilities I could accomplish. Oh, why are there so few hours in a day?I too revamped the mantle....should the branches on the far right stay or go?It's back to basics and a very vintage inspired place.....P.S. I need some small frames and have a final piece in my car waiting to be hung...I just need the right hook ;) You will see tomorrow....oh you will see.

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