Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hit me with music...

What's wrong with music y'all and why must men run (literally) screaming from it unless they are gay, a member of a childrens' choir or a closet Glee fan that sings show tunes in the shower...all of which could spell gay (not that I have a problem with gay)....but I'm speaking of straight men/guys I might consider dating....but maybe it's not the music, maybe it's me? It was time for yet another Tunesday with Bands on the Beach and I had planned to go and third-wheel it with my coupled friends. I invited a plus one on Monday and he quickly came back with a potential business meeting. I heard nothing from the culprit text, no email, no phone call, no facebook, no twitter and no smoke signals....nothing. I went on with life as any single girl would do, went to the concert and had a great I left I was driving over the second bridge to return home and I receive this text, "U on the island". I respond "Just leaving" and follow up with a phone answer. An hour later I finally get a phone call. Somehow, he could not fathom that I went....My retort was of course I went, I told him the day before. He wondered why I didn't call...but ladies and gentlemen I gave him the option, and he had no boys should do the work in dating (at least to start).

His excuse....well there was none....he had gone home and at 8:50pm he planned to strut his stuff and make a three mile run, running from the concert if you ask me....decidedly set on not getting a gut this summer he felt it would behoove him to pound the pavement at dark thirty. Later that evening he texted how therapeutic it was...really?? Get a therapist.

P.S. He lives at the beach which makes for even less of an excuse. The concert was in his backyard, essentially....Nah...I'm not bitter...but it makes for a good story.

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