Monday, June 7, 2010

Making a house a home.

Allison Julius and Louis Marra, siblings and owners of Maison 24, an eclectic home boutique share a whimsical estate with a few pooches and Allison's hubby Zachary. The home and shop are a feast for the senses offering eclectic touches. One might venture to guess that the two stocked their home with store merchandise, but the opposite holds true. They purchased the home and began decorating to their hearts' content.Marra says. “We just sort of buy what we love; the challenge is to take it home and somehow make it work.” The siblings credit their parents with inspiring them to experiment with color and d├ęcor.“Our home [growing up] was always really interesting and always had a great mix of very contemporary and super traditional pieces,” Julius says. “Something we tell our customers all the time—and something we try to do at our house—is find a way to mix old with new.” Their home holds everything from Hello Kitty, shag rugs, neon lights, and taxidermy; but it all somehow works. Their mantra seems to be that rules were made to be broken, but amidst all these broken rules the house their home boasts incredible, unpredictable style oh which I am incredibly jealous.....

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