Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We are family....

I spent a glorious Sunday taking a mini beach and family break for a little shopping and a light lunch. I joined my aunt, uncle, mom and dad for some much needed family time. The only bad thing---I already miss them, this whole quick break thing isn't working.....you say goodbye, I say hello....Did I mention I baked the Uncs a yummy pecan, raisin, and coconut pie (random combination I know)? I made two to be precise, one for work and one for him. The one for work was gone in an hour, I even got blackberry messages begging me to save slices, and I got a phone call from Hal telling me he ate the whole thing. I dislike cooking, but baking....baking is definitely something I can sink my teeth into...the compliments don't hurt either.

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