Sunday, July 25, 2010

The calling...

Another Sloane-ism. When first meeting a boy she would give him a first name in her celly, then after he called four times she would finally pick up on the fifth ring....and after that he would get a last name. While I am no Sloane Crosley, I like to have a little background on people...I put one too many first names in my phone (3 to be exact) and I operate better with two names. I always found it comical when a random Jeremy called and I tried to remember who he was. Now I try to do two names and if I don't have a last name I write a note, for example where they are from or what they do. I feel like a guy having five Sarah's in their phone each with a different description, but trust me it works and you won't find yourself looking quizzically at your celly.

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