Sunday, July 25, 2010

How did you get this number?

More like: what did you do with my number? If you have to ask how much it probably can't afford it...the same holds true for life: if you have to ask someone to change, remind someone to call, to bring diet coke, to make a plan, to come to a wedding, then you can't afford to be with them. Even as good as you think it may be it simply is not worth the price of your own self worth--No one is that sick. No one gets that mad about diet coke. There are cell phones in Tampa. You can text at work. Email works all the time. And you are not in high school anymore.....the date, relationship or random meeting was an impulse buy and you figure it will work out later...but it doesn't. How many impulse buys are still hanging in your closet after only being worn once. How many guys have you only gone out with once to find that the shirt didn't fit, the color wasn't right....thank you, Sloane Crosley for writing How did you get this number? The final vignette in the book was by far the best and really rang true for me. It was the swift kick in my britches I needed.

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