Thursday, July 22, 2010

Give me the news. Did you know that when you are sick your cell phone ceases to function? Well it does after my long talk with gramps Thursday I thought things would at the least improve....well they did not as he dropped off the radar completely. I had completely written him off until Tuesday when my phone rang. Seriously.....he proceeded to go into his monologue about being sick for the weekend.....not swine flu, malaria, mono....or anything else. If anything it sounded like a head cold, and well he claimed that he stayed at his mom's house. Really? I don't know anyone younger or older that would have crashed at Mother's, but what the hay--to each their own. No I did not ask for his doctor's excuse, but I highly doubt he was that sick, so when he called to make plans I said no. Another one bites the dust~

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