Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fishing for trouble.

Last night the attorney kid rang to catch up on life, thankfully I was having dinner with a friend to talk shop. Later he called back and I told him I had just gotten home from dinner...he asked where? I responded, "Bonefish." He was shocked saying how pricey Bonefish opinion-->Bonefish is a chain...a good chain, but a chain at that and no more pricey than other eats in the city. He then proceeded to complain about the costs of other venues...saying he would rather eat at {Gasp} Emeril's in NOLA...I wonder if his parents would pay for that. I am far from a gold digger, but I think it's bad form to complain about costs....what would Emily Post do? This is the same guy that told me he would be cut off upon betrothal.....seriously?!Not only did I receive a financial analysis of various restaurants, but I also received an education on legal ease to the point that he was describing what a deposition was. Now I am a kind person and resisted the urge to blurt out that a) I was a smart cookie and b) I dated an attorney on and off for a I knew what he was talking about. Now, in hindsight maybe I should have....what will today bring who knows?

Where do I find these people....wait...they find me. My girlfriend told me that 20-somethings may have these smaller annoying issues, but 30-40 somethings have even bigger issues....maybe there was some truth to that. Although, come to think of it, the safety in dating someone older is you never hear about the cost of Bonefish....then again maybe you never hear from them altogether. Words for a Wednesday.

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Elle Sees said...

I would've let 'em have it! ha.
I'm not a Bonefish fan myself. I had no idea it was a chain. Hmph.

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