Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's not my party...

...but I'll celebrate if I want to. Sure my birthday is a few weeks away, but I am celebrating a friend's this week and having just as much fun as if it were my own. After a less than fab day at the office I was looking forward to a birthday dinner for a friend last night. It did turn into quite a comedy of errors {and successes!}. The birthday girl started inviting work friends to a different birthday dinner since she had no idea there was one already planned, thankfully most of them asked me if I was coming....but then I had to tell them that the boyfriend had already planned a surprise dinner. I was uninviting people left and right, even inviting someone last minute-thanks, CW. But a few moments later we were all secretly en route to the destination to taste the delicious vittles that awaited us. Let me just say I am not a foodie, but I know a thing or three about food and this meal was absolutely let me give you the Reader's Digest version: flambeed wedge with spinach, cream and bacon; bruscetta with boursin and ratatouille; tuna nicoise salad; Pekin duck with blackberry compote, candied pistachio dust and butternut squash; and steak with crispy asparagus and forme d'ambert mash completed with a peach clafouti with whipped cream and pecan dust....yummy to my tummy. I swear I am still drooling and dreaming about the meal.

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