Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello goodbye.

There are few instances that I will gravel of which happens to be clothes, and this weekend I said goodbye to a dude and hello to my missing wardrobe. I vivdly recall losing my prized Anthropologie earrings in my boyfriend's Mustang.... and also remember vividly not hearing from him for a few days and, seeing him at a stoplight, and passing the jewels car to car.

Times have changed, but my love life certainly has not. I am still losing things and still losing men boys. It happened Thursday when my life came to a screeching halt. The guy of the hour had tried to waltz back into my life after not talking to me in nearly a week. I had been down this road months before, and was not about to do it again. I promptly thanked him for the invitation and declined the offer citing the fact that I liked him as a person, but the whole "attempt to date every now and then" was not working for me. He literally hung up the phone....I take it he had never been told "No"....and definitely never been told "No" by someone very much his junior.

Saturday rolled around and I still had yet to hear from the stinker. I was getting ready to take a much needed shopping excursion and knew exactly what I wanted to wear, but after rifling through my wreck of a closet I could not find the dress. Crap, I thought--the last time I had the thing I brought it over to the dude's house to get ready after a beach day. I went back in the closet several more times digging deeper and deeper until I tucked my tail between my legs and sent a semi-nice text wishing him well on his trip and quickly asking if he had seen my dresses....then, guess what?!? I found them. Embarrassed, but determined not to worry about I moved on and got ready. Needless to say the good bad man is still MIA and I don't anticipate hearing from him him gravelling any time soon.

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