Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passing the bar.

I don't know where I find these people, but Saturday evening I was introduced to a yougun'. My initial reaction was good Lord, this kid guy is loud and obnoxious, but trying not to judge I gave him the benefit benny of the doubt. A few days, texts and a phone call later he was stammering on about how he liked to hunt, fish and ride four-wheelers. Don't get me wrong I like an outdoorsy guy as much as the next girl and I grew up in the country, but my gut kept telling me this dude was more than a little immature. At the ripe age of 27, he continued to drone on and on about how he was not going to get married any time soon, the fact that his parents supported him and that they would cut him off after he tied the knot....maybe it was nervousness, maybe it was the fact that he was an attorney, heck alcohol would have been an excuse--I never mentioned dating...marriage...or anything of the sort--not sure why he felt the need to share his financial situation with me. Friends laugh when I go out with guys of an {Ahem} advanced age...but hey, I never have to listen to them wax poetic about being supported by mummy and daddy...because their parents may have kicked the bucket by now. Buddy, it's high time you chopped the umbilical cord....this was definitely a Failure to Launch situation--you've got to pick up the pace if you want to stay in the race. ~Neil Peart

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