Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Halloween-y {early}....

....How do you measure a year? At the moment I am far less concerned with how to measure a year and far more concerned with how to measure the current week and the near future. Two days until the weekend, a little over a week until a three day weekend, a little less than two months until a fun trip, approximately three months to Turkey Day....and {drum roll please} four months until Christmas....and somewhere in that smorgasbord of dates falls Halloween. While not at the top of my fave holiday list, Halloween holds a warm spot in my heart primarily due to Martha-style decor and dressing up. Over the years {we're talking back to grade school} I have been a mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, an American Girl doll, a cowgirl, a cat, and have the makings for many others in my box of tricks--a hippie, a Greek goddess, a flapper, and a Motley Crue of accessories for the makings of many more....but at the moment I had sworn off costumes until I spotted the Carrie tut dress, the dress that opened every show, the dress on the bus, the dress she tripped in, the dress she was splashed with water in and the dress she kept in the movie...It was the epitome of youth and fun! I do think that it might be a stretch to call myself Carrie for Halloween, but it was a the moment not dressing up is winning, followed by a pirate, followed by Carrie, followed by a 60s girl--vintage dress! Ahh well nothing to get my feathers ruffled about I still have over two months...Any suggestions?

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