Friday, November 20, 2009

Bad moon a rising...

The very first last! I cannot believe I attempted, and I do mean attempted to see New Moon at the midnight premier. A lofty goal it was. I had a meeting immediately following work and had avoided purchasing my ticket, but was convinced coerced into buying one.....and many moons later we arrived at the theater to find a thousand (well a lot) of fans lining the perimeter of the building.We joined V in line at 10:15 pm and waited and waited and waited. Teenagers sat on blankets gossiping, doing homework, studying for tests. There were pajamas and layers of clothes piled on everyone as we waited in the chilly night air. Anticipation was high as sides were taken for Edward or Jacob. A girl even got a little testy when I admitted to not having read the book. We waited two hours, the line began to move at Midnight as we were ushered into the theater in groups of twenty. Finally, we got in. I headed for the bathroom since I had been turned away earlier. The theater attendants were Twilight Nazis making you handover ids and cell phones for restroom use prior to the premiere. Finally relief! Thankfully my friends had found an empty theater. It was intense. Fans raced from room to room to find filled theaters. It was a mad house and every screen was showing New Moon.

Well to make a long story short we found seats at the top of the room and I snuggled into my corner...I was slowly but surely going to sleep and Claire was not far off. I kept checking the time...when would the movie start? 12:20 rolled around and there was still no premiere...not even one tiny commercial....I made the decision no one else in America made...I left New Moon. I realized that I probably would not leave the theater until 3:45 or 4:00am and was planning to wake up at 5:00 to get to work to ready for my presentation...I made a beeline for the door. Yes, I was the one person that left the theater. I missed seeing the movie but I gained a few precious hours of sleep and do not feel one bit bad about it. Sure I should have turned back before I got there, but I had to know....and now I'm happy I tried, maybe I won't do it again, and maybe I will....but definitely with a change of company.

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