Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Moon....

Paging Dr. Cullen......well I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this Twilight "stuff." It was suggested that I see the original movie, so that I did! I watched it on Monday....admittedly with a slight distaste in my mouth.....thinking of a million little girls swooning over Robbie P....and my friends in Birmingham and Chicago that called it forbidden love story (Gag me!)...the last thing I wanted was a juicy vampire soap opera. Trust me! Thankfully another friend tried explained it as a family of outcasts (the vampires) that did not fit in and a new girl in town (Bella) who is welcomed by most everyone, but does not feel as though she fits. Whether it was her pale skin, her lack of athleticism or her quiet presence she does not mesh with the Fork kids.....until.....she sees this family...she befriends the outcasts even though it is not the popular thing to do. Sure, maybe a little lot of me relates to Bella, the quietness, the clumsiness, the paleness of my high school years....yes I was admittedly not one of the cool kids. I cannot say that I fit in anywhere back then...so for that very fact I decided to watch Twilight and read the book!The movie was filmed mostly in Vancouver, but is set in a small town of Forks, WA. The Cullen family resides in a home in the woods...the one thing I noticed in the movie was the modern home! Its clear views of the forest, clean lines and modern construction...what was not to love!?! and who knew there would be architectural eye candy in Twilight?The Cullen House, actually known as The Hoke House or the “Nike” House, was designed for Nike executive John Hoke and his family and was designed by architect Jeff Kovel via ‘Skylab Architecture’ it’s 4300 squares, built by Metcalf Construction, with Lucy Metcalf as the interior designer and landscaper. you can map it here. And priced at $3.3 million maybe it does pay do be Cullen......I wonder which Twihard will buy this?

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