Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wally World.

Every weekend I make the pilgrimage to Wally World {Walmart!} is a love/hate relationship, but I learned how to deal with the masses when my Albertson's closed. Now I shop for most everything at Walmart and the specialty "stuff" at Publix. I am likely writing this because I dread going in a few hours, but I will rally because next week it will only be worse with people racing for cans of gelatinous cranberry sauce and fighting over the last turkey birds, yes those mini marshmallows for sweet potato pies will surely start flying!
I thought about venturing over to the Christmas section today as I found several trees that made the cut! A gold tinsel tree, a smallish pink tree and (shockingly) a red one (ok, maybe a little much!), but I am resisting the urge to buy.....must resist the urge...i will have a tree in a good seven days....why does that seem like ages?But if you don't have a tree on the away!

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