Sunday, December 20, 2009

How much is that?

My memory was jogged the other night, and I remembered that I had not looked at the true cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas. This year the cost only went up about $800 as compared to last year. The main driver is the sharp increase in the price of gold.Partridge, $10 (last year: $20)
Pear Tree, $150 (last year: $200)
Two Turtle Doves, $56 (last year: $55)
Three French Hens, $45 (last year: $30)
Four Calling Birds (canaries), $600 (last year: same)
Five Gold Rings, $500 (last year: $350)
Six Geese a-Laying, $150 (last year: $240 )
Seven Swans a-Swimming, $5,250 (last year: $5,600 )
Eight Maids a-Milking, $58 (last year: $52)
Nine Ladies Dancing (per performance), $5,473 (last year: $4,759)
10 Lords a-Leaping (per performance), $4,414 (last year: same)
11 Pipers Piping (per performance), $2,285 (last year: same)
12 Drummers Drumming (per performance), $2,475 (last year: same)

So if you are looking to buy a ton of birds it will only set you back $87, 403.

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