Monday, January 25, 2010

(500) Days of Boredom

....Really I shoulda read the review. Sitting at Claire's future inlaws we were debating whether or not to leave the house, and unfortunately we decided to stay in and watch a movie.....and even more unfortunately we decided to watch a movie. The choices were The Hangover and (500) Days of Summer. The first choice was probably not parent friendly, but it is quite a comedy and follows the wild rumpus that is a bachelor party---NOT bachelorette mind you. These guys get into every possible bad situation they can, and trust me......all of these situations could (and probably have) happen(ed). But enough of that we watched 500.Unknowingly, we believed we had selected a cute, quirky, romantic comedy.....needless to say it was far from cute. It was quite possibly the most depressing recollection about a romantic fling I have ever seen. Viewers are tormented through watching a guy's painful dating saga as he goes after a girl clearly not into him. Day after day. Ten minutes through the movie we were all groaning offering to pay $5 to buy a new movie. Anything would have been an improvement.

This morning I opted to read the critic's review to see what the rest of the free world was saying...turns out Rolling Stone liked the flick, but the review would have given me the info I needed.

Boy meets girl, boy loses girl. It’s been done to emo death. That’s why the sublimely smart-sexy-joyful-sad (500) Days of Summer hits you like a blast of pure romantic oxygen. It turns the genre on its empty head and sees relationships for what they are — a bruising business. Someone’s heart always gets ripped out.

Definitely one I would have preferred to miss...and I did happen to miss the last bit. I have a bad track record of going to sleep and missing television if watched on a couch late at night....I awoke to hear groans...."UGHGHGHGHGH" as I wiped the sleep from my eyes I realized I had missed the last bit of the movie. I think I feel asleep of Day 497. I missed the punch line at the end. The next chick he meets is.........Autumn.....really?! I recommend skipping this movie if your taste is anything like mine. I wanted to see a happily ever after, humorous movie and 500 did not deliver....I like the empty head that RS dislikes. Brain candy.

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