Monday, January 25, 2010

Meow mix.....

My pet cravings have started could be the fact that I keep spotting the neighborhood cat about. I saw the cat back in August of 2009 and he/she was wearing a collard and was quite plump. I stopped for a minute and petted the cat. He was so sweet following right behind me--he even let me pick him up. My mother happened to be in town visiting so I called her to come and see. I was a good neighbor and did not take the kitty even though I was tempted.

Last week I spotted the same cat and he ran to greet me, rubbed on my legs and rolled on the ground begging to be petted.How could I resist? Sadly I did not have any treats to feed him, but I quickly remedied that. The next day I bought some cat treats, but so it turns out I think everyone else living in the neighborhood is hoping to adopt this I am moving on.My mom keeps tempting me. She texted me these two photos of Vanessa Gayle (I'd have to change the name!). This is her friend Anne's new kitten, but she is not getting along with the man (other cat) of the house. Miss Anne has offered to let me have the cat...even going as far as to pay half my pet fee and spay the cat (all this is very tempting!) because this is the reason I never got a pet to start. I think it's crazy to get a free animal and pay a $300 plus pet fee that you never get back....much less buy a pure breed and pay the fee.....can you say $1000-$1500-NOT worth it!The cat is so cute....and I do want something furry running around and something to play with....but there are so many things that could go wrong...climbing drapes, clawing clothes, chewing cords.....peeing....ugh....I don't know if I'm cute out for this because once I take it, it's mine......What should I do???????

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