Monday, January 25, 2010

Stick it.... I really doing this again? I felt like crap....really hungover (and I most definitely was not) at 6 one morning....then I felt nauseous the rest of the day and had a horrible head ache. I had a fleeting thought that I felt like I was having blood sugar issues. I drug my monitor out of my bathroom drawer and pricked my finger 199.....2 and a half hours following my oatmeal feeding. It should have normalized by then. Typically it would be between 80 and 150ish...but 199. I packed the device in my bag and took my sugars throughout the day. Finally it slacked off around Noon. So...yes I am pricking and sticking my finger religiously....and to think all my prick scars had disappeared and I no longer looked like a drug addict (not that they use finger tips). Saturday morning before the funeral I hit 215.....horrible! I would have liked to have had monitor Saturday night after the family dinner because I felt really had probably dropped below 70. It's all over the board. This morning I hit 185 (better) and finally at 10pm it dropped to 11.....we'll see if it hits 70 at 3pm.

I really think it was doing this over Christmas because every morning I would get back in bed because I felt so cruddy.....ahh the joys-NOT!

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