Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Isn't it ironic....

The funniest thing on the MSN homepage this morning mentioned resolutions relating to astrological I never read my horoscope--except to prove it wrong, but these were quite good. I chose Leo and Virgo since I fall on the tail end of the lion.

Leo: What things bring out your creativity and joy? Make a resolution to share your interests with others. It could be joining a theater group, showing off your art work, starting a blog, or polishing your personal fashion style. Even if you feel hesitant, you need to give yourself to the world. Not appreciated? Then find a better audience! Positive feedback helps you feel more balanced and lets you enjoy a well-deserved sense of being special. Virgo: Here is a powerful resolution that can seem difficult at first: resolve to change any conversation in your mind that says you are not measuring up or not being good enough. Take a deep breath and remember that perfection is an unreachable destination, and not reaching it is not an excuse to beat yourself up. A critical thought is only a thought. Do not make it who you are! You are always doing a better job than you realize.

Quite good, don't you think? Leo=creativity, hence my blog and Virgo=positivity, hence my last post. Although I'm certain I could have justified any of you hear the cynicism taking over?

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