Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bake off.

Dear Publix,
I want to say thank you for letting me cheat at the company party. I normally take great pride in my homemade baking skills but as of late I have had no desire to waste time cooking much less cleaning up the mess that baking brings. The company party rolled around and I had every intention of baking up a chocolate feast of Mississippi mud brownies complete with a rich chocolate glaze over marshmallows, but then it hit me. The little voice inside that said, "Do I really have to?" I called my mom and she gave me the best tip ever--go to Publix, get cookies and put them on a plate. Well let me tell you. I bought 3 containers from the bakery and those cookies were gobbled up quickly. So I am certainly glad I did not waste time baking! Thank you for making this possible. I will definitely be trying this trick again....Here's to laziness and not cooking!


this free bird said...

basically want to eat the contents of the picture for breakfast.

SweetHome said...

Me too! Thanks for all your comments. :)

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